They say if you want something done,
ask a busy person.

We are a GTA-based digital marketing agency that uses enterprise-level tools to help small-to-medium sized businesses get a competitive edge in today’s online market. Our dedicated team has worked with everyone from small-to-medium sized businesses to multinational enterprises and in nearly every vertical market, consistently delivering the best results no matter what field we play in. We know that the world is constantly changing.

Not long ago, running a store without a brick-and-mortar location would have been nearly impossible, while today it is possible to run an entire business out of your own living room. But this only makes it more important than ever to know how to manage things like e-commerce and advertising, and to ensure you have the capability of fulfilling every last order you receive. We have the tools to help get your product or service to the consumers who need it!


Brad Krieger is a well-respected leader in the Canadian marketing landscape, having developed and built two of the largest Digital Trade Desks in the country, both agency and publisher side as well as launching one of only 4 Google Marketing Partners in Canada with his company Dandelion Inc. 

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures Brad led digital marketing efforts (agency side) for a number of blue-chip enterprises including Ford, Microsoft, Disney, Target and General Motors amongst others.

Our Experience

Our elite team members have years of experience helping businesses succeed in the digital marketing space. We understand the strategies that shape the success of a business in the digital age because we’ve done it countless times. We’ve worked with customers across almost every industry, and achieved success against goals from e-sales to Brand awareness and are prepared to bring our experience to you.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to the needs of our clients: every piece of the business machine must be running smoothly for the business to succeed. You need a good website, good marketing, good user experience, and the ability to make all of these pieces talk to each other. More than that though, we want you to understand what we’re doing and how all the pieces fit together. It’s not about ordering services “off a menu.” We want you to be informed of all of your options along with our recommendations so you can make informed decisions. We provide data-based explanations for each of our recommendations, ensuring that you always know exactly how your money is being spent. If we don’t believe in a strategy, we won’t recommend it.

Our Goals & Values


We don’t offer “one-size-fits-all” packages because we understand that every business has unique needs. We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what your business needs to do to achieve its objectives. Our packages follow a simple goal-based structure so the strategies can be tailored to optimally benefit your business. We value transparency with our clients, and will never ask you to spend money without making sure you understand where it’s going. Our relationship is built on trust, and by choosing to work with North Road Digital you are choosing to work alongside a team that will always put your best interests first.

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